Adventure Time!

Adventure Time is an American animated TV series. Pendleton Ward is the creator of the TV show and Frederator Studios produced the show for it to air on Cartoon Network. Each episode follows a different short adventure and there are 39 episode, with two different short adventures in each. In total are 78 episodes that make up 3 series. The fourth season started airing April this year and is still going.

The show follows the random adventures and lives of Finn the 14 year old human and his best friends Jake, who is a dog with extraordinary magical powers. Finn and Jake live in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. There are lots of other characters in Adventure Time such as: The Ice King, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline the Vampire, Lady Rainicorn, LSP (Lumpy Space Princess) and BMO.
Jake uses his magical power in every episode to help them in sticky situations, to beat up the bad guy and just for fun!

This picture below shows some characters from Adventure Time:

Princess Bubblegum, The Ice King, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Marceline the Vampire, Lumpy Space Princess, Tree Trunks and a random snail and worm.

Some characters from the show, Adveture Time

This is ‘The Land of Ooo’.

In the episode, ‘The Silent King’ in season 2, Finn and Jake save a goblin clan from their nasty Old King.  They fight the old king but he uses his magic to disapear. The goblins think that Finn has slain the Old King, so in honor of Finn the goblins make him their new King. Later on in the episode Finn finds out that he can’t really do anything as the King due to the goblins strange rules, so the golbins do everything for him. The Old Goblin King comes back to take his place as King once again with an army of Earclops. Finn wants to fight the King, but the rules prevent him from doing so. Being frustrated, Finn figures out a way to fight the Old King without the goblins knowing it is him fighting. Using Jakes magical powers, Finn jumps in his mouth and him and Jake fuse together to make an epic fighting warrior.
Finn and Jake then fight off the army of Earclops and the Old King disapears, again. After the battle Finn draws a smiley face on a cardboard box and puts it ontop of a robot in the goblin kingdom. Then all of the goblins beleive it is their King, and this sets Finn free so he is no longer king.

Here is a picture of Finn and Jake morphed together to fight the Old Goblin King.

Finn & Jake Morphed

It has recently become my favorite show, because of all the random crazy adventures and unpredictable story lines, and it is very enjoyable to watch. The show also has amazing and very humorous animation, which is something that I really enjoy and like to see when I watch an animated series of any kind.

In this scene from the episode ‘Ocean of Fear’, from season 1, you can clearly see the humor they put into the show.

In an interveiw with Pendleton Ward he says;

“Man, I don’t know what I’m sayin.  To follow up on some of these ideas.. what I’m trying to do with Adventure Time is create a cartoon that kids are going to have fond memories of after they grow up.. and hopefully will be able to go back into and watch again and appreciate it a new way after they grow up.”

The quote shows that obviosuly, he put alot of thought into the series and has been dreaming of making Adventure Time for a long time. He clearly wants people to apprcieate what he has done and to remember it even when they are older.

Overall Adventure Time is a great show that entertains adults and children with it’s ‘all ages’ humor. It will always be one of my favorite shows.



Star Wars Propoganda Rational

Jarryd and I thought it would be best to make a campaign to encourage men from the age of 18 to join The Galactic Empire and fight alongside with Darth Vader. Our aim was to convey The Galactic Empire and to do the opposite of the Star Wars film by making The Galactic Empire the good guys. We did this by making posters that promoted The Empire. The posters are a simple and effective way of putting forward the message to join The Galactic Empire and they are eye catching. They can be placed in multiple situations which makes them more effective because someone will come across them more often than just once.

The heading ‘The Galactic Empire’ tells the viewers who they would be fighting for and the text at the bottom of the piece ‘Enlist Today’ tells them what to do about it.  The bold colours of red and yellow and the large image of Darth Vader surrounded by Storm Troopers make it easy to capture the attention of the young men who might see this piece of propaganda.  As one of the main points of view is set on Darth Vader himself it displays dominance, leadership and power.

My poster piece is also sending the message to young men, that if they are serving The Empire that they will score a woman. They would think this because of the three pictures at the bottom of the poster which are pictures of women who are in Storm Trooper gear and they are all for Darth Vader and exploring new worlds and having fun.

The poster focuses on all of the positive aspects of The Galactic Empire. It promotes The Galactic Empire as a good force and a good cause through what the women are telling the audience. It also shows a sense of equality amongst its people as the two Storm Troopers standing behind Darth Vader put forward the idea that no matter what roll you play in the Galactic Force you will rank highly snd that everyone works as a team. The Galactic Empire heading is powerful because it makes them sound of higher quality and worth because an empire is a strong and powerful force or collection of people. This might be appealing because people want to be on the strong side in hope of being better off and potentially dominating and gaining more power.

By Nick Southwell.

Star Wars Propaganda Poster

Enlist Today!

Reflection On Previous Post.

This is my reflection on my ‘Does it really matter who reports the news’ post earlier.

I wrote the last post, based heavily on my opinion and no one else’s. I also don’t really mind who tells the news, as long as they have something important and/or interesting I will generally listen to what they are reporting on. I also purposefully put logical falllacies in there. Some of the big logical fallacies were, red herring, appeal to authority and ad hominem.

The red herring was used in the post when I said that people are unattractive, which has very little to do with the news. I used the appeal to authority when I mentioned that Koshie and Mel were the only news reporter I would bother to watch and listen to because they have some authority. finally I used the ah hominem logical fallacy when I attacked other news reporter by saying they were unattractive and not interesting.

I hope you enjoyed this Peter.


Does It Really Matter Who Reports The News?

Yeah it certainly does matter who reports the news! The news is important and it most deifinitely should be told and presented by important people!

When I watch the new I like to see the same, usual good news reports that I can rely on to tell my news properly. They always dress well and present themself in a good form. For example Mel and Koshie from Sunrise are great reporters who I enjoy watching. Mel is a good looking woman, who has a good smile, she is funny and clearly loves to tell the news. She knows what she is talking about, and is always on the news so she is very reliable. I enjoy Koshie telling the new because he is a reliable news reporter, a good looking guy, funny and enthusiastic about the news! That is something I like to see. If some random guy or girl that wasn’t very attractive, was dull and borgin and she was on the news one day talking about the world issues or something, I wouldn’t listen because I have no interest in boring, dull, unattractive people. Although if someone like koshie or Mel were telling the news (as usual) I would listen and watch to see what they have to say Because they are fimiliar people to me!

So it definitely does matter who tells the news because if it is someone, that no one knows, I would say not many people are going to enjoy watching/listening to them. Also if they are unattractive.. well, why would someone want to watch and listen to another person tell the news!

The news is important, but so is the reporter telling the news.

Will Halo 4 be as good as everyone predicts?

Will Halo 4 be as good as everyone predicts?

Halo 4 is set to be one of the biggest games to be released at the end of this year. “Halo 4 is the next blockbuster instalment in the iconic franchise that’s shaped entertainment history and defined a decade of gaming.” says the Official Halo website ( But is that statement true? Will Halo 4 live up to expectation?

We will have to find out when the game is released.

There is a lot of new game content and many, many new additions and changes to the game, I personally am excited to see them in real life and experience this game, as I have grown up playing Halo all my life. The first time I played Halo was when the first Xbox came out.

Here is some news and info about changes, updates and additions to Halo 4
– Halo 4s Infinity section will feature every aspect of multiplayer, except co-op campaign.
– There is no romance forming between Cortana and Master Chief
– Halo 4s Multiplayer is not using True Skill in the same way Reach did
– You cannot use Forerunner Vision to see players anywhere on the map
– There will be new and traditional modes under Infinity and it will have zero effect on the scale, size, content or appearance of MP spaces.
– New HUD, features subtle paralla movement during athletic actions and additional visual cues indicating that you are actually wearing a helmet
– Custom Games could now be heavily modified
– Firefight is absent and it is stated that there are no plans for it to return.
– Cortana has chosen a new visual identity whilst the Chief has been sleeping
– Story line will be set in 2557
– Map Control will still be important, but slightly different
– Instant Spawns isn’t enabled in Objective game modes
– Battle Rifle has recoil
– Armor lock isn’t returning
– Weapons now will spawn at random locations, not full random, like KoTH
– You could now join games in progress
– No Respawn delay, you could now press X to spawn
– Elites will not be making a return in Multiplayer Matchmaking
– Red Spartans fight blue Spartans because it’s part of a training purpose by UNSC Infinity, a giant ship
– New Ability called Forerunner vision is coming where you can see through walls
– A new currency called Spartan Points will be added so you can purchase items
– New Mode called Regicide, Free for All variant similar to Juggernaut
– Sprint isn’t an Armor Ability since it stays with you all the time

With all these new additions to the game will it improve the game? Or will it bring it down and make it worse for the gaming community?
Personally I think it will be a great game and it will be better than some of the previous Halo game, but it will still have many of the same feature as other halo games but also many, many new additions to the game I don’t see how it will bring it down, it will make gameplay more advanced and difficult., but much more fun and challenging.

Multiplayer Online will definitely be one of the best multiplayer Halo has produced yet. With so many new things added to the game, the multiplayer will be much better and bigger, with new guns brining more intense gunfights. Vehicles will also be possibly harder to take down?

With the campaigne continuing on from Halo 3 campaigne, it will be very exciting to see how this long mystery of what happens to Master Chief after all this time unfolds.

Let’s just say I’m very excited for the release of Halo 4, on the 6th on November 2012.
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